We have been making models from Western Australia for over 20 years

Our baby Elephant has been climbed over, jumped on and pulled at for over ten years.

The hairy little mammal proved so popular that Perth Zoo Ordered a brass version for visitor entrance

We produce silicone figures for museums and award winning directors and agencies out of our 900 sqm studio.

Our interactive elements are robust and cutting edge. Holograms, 3D scanning and laser cutting compliment traditional materials and techniques. 3D printers are great but so is a bag of clay – it's about finding the right fit.

On a recent job we embedded RFID chips into molded food trays to trigger audio when children "feed" an animal interactive box.

We built and installed more than 240 square metres of Kimberley Rock for Perth Zoo
Working closely with Zoological staff from concept to sketch to installation, we create immersive environments.
We are a trusted model supplier to Perth Zoo, Western Australian Museum and advertising agencies across Perth.

Daniel Browne,
Director CDM:Studio


Each job is different and unique.

With over 20 years of experience we have built every type and size of model using every type of fabrication material and technique. They include but are not limited to fiberglass, silicon, clay, mechanisms, holograms, 3D printing and digital plans. We design and fabricate models from concept to completion.

(+61) 411 816 005

We have been making models from Western Australia for over 20 years.

Silicon, Fibreglass, Foam, Clay, Scultpure, Outdoor 3D displays, Advertising Models, Commercial Moldings, Exhibition Displays, Architectural Models, Rigging, Holograms, 3D Prints.